Personal Training

Personal Plaza is no ordinary gym: this is the place for a complete transformation. A private gym where you will work on your physical and mental transformation. That means breaking old patterns through training and coaching. Together with Personal Trainer (PT) Joost Jesse you will work on a new basis for the rest of your life. During this process you also gain knowledge of nutrition. Knowledge that you can easily apply in your daily life so that it becomes workable for you.

Step by step

At Personal Plaza you work on a fixed schedule based on your goals. Every workout contains a build-up - progressive overload - that gradually gets you closer to your goals. In this way you will become stronger step by step and you will feel better and better. When you keep making progress, your confidence grows. You get more energy and with that the feeling that you can take on the whole world. Once that foundation is in place, you'll want more. That motivates you to keep going.


Within a process of 3, 6 or 12 months you will get started with yourself. Personal training is done 1-on-1, in a training session with the PT. Do you want to train with your partner, a friend, family member or colleague? Then opt for a duo training. You train at the same time but both work on your own goals.


A PT session can take place any day of the week between 7am and 9pm. For example, you can opt for a fixed weekly session (or sessions) for the duration of the chosen trajectory. You make agreements about this together with the PT.


With 10 years of experience in fitness, of which more than 3 years in personal training, it is time for the next step: my own gym. Personal Plaza is my own private gym, which is basically separate from the hotel. Although hotel guests are of course just as welcome here as anyone else who wants to train here. Anyway, my focus is completely on the gym, so on you. I focus on the training, but also on nutrition and lifestyle. My motto is 'a lifetime of movement, because movement gives life'.

Achievable lifestyle

I will coach you with integrity in achieving your goals. We do it together. When it comes to nutrition, I like to say that nothing is 'wrong'. Only that you make certain choices for yourself in this. Consciously or unconsciously. What do you eat in a day and what do you really need? This differs per person and that is why shaping a personal eating pattern is important. In this way, in addition to achieving your goals, you ultimately get a lifestyle that is and remains feasible.


Feel free to contact Joost Jesse. He will speak to you with all love.

Joost Jesse Visser - Personal Plaza
06 120 11 855