We don’t stand still!

That is also not possible when you want to be the best and nicest Hotel & Grand Café in Friesland. We keep on innovating and challenge each other to get the best result. Every employee gets the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and to share their ideas.  

  • Since 2016, Jesse has been roasting our own coffeebeans in the roasting factory at the mezzanine in the Grand Café. Take your time if you decide to check it out because once Jesse starts talking about his passion he hardly ever stops.. When roasting our own coffee, we can guarantee the quality, but it is also an innovation to many more beautiful things. Due to the great love for craftmanship, we have not only made our own coffee but also produced our own beer. This in collaboration with a local brewer; Kroon op Leeuwarden.
  • March 2017 is ‘Knilles’, our own Post-Plaza IPA beer born. The name knilles represents the Frisian Cornelis Hendrik Peters, this is the architect of the former Post Office. Our home roasted coffee beans are used in this delicious beer. From September 2019, Knilles gets a little brother, we call him Tsjomme!

Front runners earn prices or just miss out :)

From the moment we opened our doors in December 2015, we have created a lot of national fame and ended up on many nominations lists. With some it remained a nomination, with others we own a prize.

  • Early 2018, we have won the public award for the Vredeman de Vriese prijs, category Huisstijl. A concept which we thought about for more than 2 years has been rewarded during this award.
  • Each year the Horeca Entree makes, the journal for Hospitality, a list of the best newcomers in terms of design, branding, look and feel and more.  We were also on that list and just couldn’t get the prize during a Gala evening. It went to the Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam.
  • For the re-use of the former Post Office we were nominated for the NRP Gulden Feniks 2017. This prestigious prize is awarded annually to the best transformation and renovation project in the Netherlands.
  • In 2017 we were finalist of ‘de Het’. The entrepreneurial prize of Leeuwarden. We are very grutsk (proud) that our team managed to win the public part of the competition.

A front runner does not only think about herself

Next to taking good care of our guests and employees, we are also happy to help others. For many years, we have supported charities that we have committed ourselves to.

  • Stichting Opkikker is a unique foundation in the Netherlands which is very close to us. Through organizing Opkikker-days, the foundation ensures that a family with a child that has a long-term condition can have a day of fun and without worries. Stichting Opkikker gives sick children the opportunity to forget their troubles for a day and instead make lasting memories with their families. We support Stichting Opkikker by donating and by organising Opkikker-days with our management team. €1 out of every sold bottle of water at Post-Plaza goes directly to Stichting Opkikker. We transfer € 1 of each sold bottle of water to the Opkikker foundation. Until now, we have been able to transfer more than € 10.000 to this fantastic charity.
  • We support Cambuurt Verbindt with a big and warm heart. Together with this foundation, we once a year invite 20 children who are unable to go on a holiday due to a family situation. These children also want to be able to tell an amazing story after the summer holidays, and those stories are what we take care of! A day of training with Cambuur, going to the first game of the season, sleeping in our hotel and eating extensively in the Grand Café.


We only have 1 goal and that is to relieve our guest and let them enjoy. Make them feel WOLKOM! We do not settle for "just the ordinary" but only go for the very best.



Cool, metropolitan and the place to be! The spot for coffee, a drink or a night out! #seeyou #post-plaza

From Wednesday 15th of December, we offer our hotel guests breakfast, lunch and dinner TO GO.



82 hotel rooms, realized in the historic Bank Building & monumental Postal Office in Leeuwarden. Each room is unique and no room is the same.



It is never boring in Post-Plaza and Leeuwarden. There is always something happening. Curious? Take a look at the agenda.



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