Incredibly unique! A Grand Cafe that roasts its own coffee beans. We are therefore the only one to do so in all of Europe.

Our adventure started in early 2015, when we were in the middle of the concept phase of the new Post-Plaza. Thoughts such as 'what makes us unique', 'in what can we add our own quality', but we were mainly looking for an experience within the new Grand Café. Should we brew beer ourselves or create our own vegetable garden. Until we ran into the men of Giesen Coffee Roaster at a catering fair. This had to be it! We are going to roast our own coffee beans. But how do you do that?


After many trials and tests, we have our own Post-Plaza coffee. Wesley is responsible for the roasting process and he ensures that every cup of coffee tastes the same. The advantage of self-burning is that we have a lot of control over the quality and therefore keep it high. Wesley roasts over 5,000 pounds of coffee beans a year. Not only for ourselves, but also for other hotels, companies and for our guests. You can buy our coffee beans per 250 grams or per kilo in the Grand Café store.

A wonderful memory of your stay with us!



In our webshop we sell various products from Post-Plaza, including our house bubbles and of course our home-roasted coffee beans. Do you order one of our 4 blends in our webshop? We deliver free of charge in Leeuwarden, Goutum and Techum. You are of course also very welcome to pick this up from us! If you prefer to receive the beans ground, please indicate in the comments.



Get to know the world of coffee during this workshop at roastery 'Post-Plaza' under the guidance of our coffee expert. Take a look in the roastery, learn about coffee from berry to roasted bean and taste the various delicious coffee creations. A unique experience around the black gold!


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