A stylish dinner at one long table or a summer wedding BBQ in our courtyard?

Excellent food and drinks are essential elements of a perfect wedding day. Post-Plaza has several private rooms where you can dine with your companions and enjoy drinks or a glass of bubbly. Enjoy the most delicious dishes. To help you get in the mood, how about;

  • appetizer with a glass of bubbly and delicious oysters
  • mouth-watering ploughman's lunches with Frisian hams, sausages, olives and bread
  • large plates of exquisite food at round tables, so you can share
  • a summer BBQ in our courtyard with live cooking, and obviously you can also serve yourself from the grill

As bridal couple, you're always welcome to come and taste everything in advance to make sure whatever you're serving your guests on the best day of the year will be nothing but the best.