2 June 2020 - 31 December 2020

An attraction in a museum? Yes, really: the Fryslân Nature Museum in Leeuwarden has something unique: a dazzling attraction (accessible for 4+) that takes you through the underwater world of the Netherlands!

The Netherlands is a land of water with ditches and puddles full of coots, frogs and mosquitoes. We know what's going on above water, but what about the world below the water surface? And what is life like at the bottom of the Wadden Sea? It is an unknown world that can only be explored with a diving suit on.

Those who are curious about life under water can go on UnderWaterSafari. You take a dive below the water surface, without getting your feet wet. In a special vehicle you make a journey from the fresh water of ditch and puddle to the salty water of World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea. Let yourself be carried away by the current and go in search of the Big Five of the underwater world of the Netherlands: the otter, beaver, catfish, seal and porpoise!

Find more information on this website.

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