1 January 2020 - 31 December 2020
By Where in the world are the cities smaller than villages? In Friesland of course. Our cities get that title not from their structure but from their historical significance. They are cities of dreamers who show that you don’t have to be the biggest to be noticed and the doers who prove that you don’t have to be the richest in order to chase your dreams. The Calimero effect? We don’t do that.
The Frisian 11 cities in a row:
  • Leeuwarden: our capital city is the city of a hundred names. Leeuwarden, Liwwadden, Leewadden, Ljouwert, Luwt, Lintwarde: it’s the ideal starting point for an unforgettable trip through Friesland.
  • Sneek ranks 3rd in the province in terms of size and is located in the municipality of Sûdwest Fryslân (Southwest Friesland). The city has about 33,000 residents. Due to its central location in Friesland’s lake area, it’s clear that Sneek is a real water city. Sneek is located on a 30 minute drive from Post-Plaza. Tip: visit Sneek, IJlst and Bolsward together, those cities are located close from each other.
  • Harlingen is one of the Frisian eleven cities and has almost 15,000 residents. It’s the fourth largest city in Friesland and is very important to the province because of the harbour. It’s also an important link with the Wadden islands. You can take a boat from Harlingen to Vlieland and Terschelling. In about 25 minutes you are already in Harlingen.
  • The last city of the Elfstedentocht, Dokkum. The city is known as a shopping city but also has quite a historic city centre. With no less than 140 national monuments, this city has a bit of everything. And this is where Beerenburg comes from, which you really have to try! Dokkum is located on a 30 minute drive from Post-Plaza.
  • Hindeloopen is a small city in the southwest of Friesland. This city is located along the IJsselmeer and offers many opportunities for water sports. With around 900 residents, Hindeloopen is one of the smaller cities in Friesland. From Post-Plaza it is around 40 minutes drive to Hindeloopen. Tip: visit Hindeloopen, Stavoren and Workum together, these cities are located near each other. 
  • Franeker is one of the Frisian eleven cities and has almost 13,000 residents. This makes it one of the larger cities in Friesland. Franeker is especially known for the big handball tournament held in the summer, the P.C. Many tourists also come to Franeker to visit the planetarium with its model of the solar system. Franeker is located on a 20 minute drive from Post-Plaza. Tip: After visiting Franeker, you can visit Harlingen!
  • Stavoren is the city on the IJsselmeer It’s surrounded on three sides by the IJsselmeer. Staveren used to be the official name of what is now Stavoren. The city is in Southwest Friesland and was the first Dutch municipality to receive city rights. Stavoren is about 55 minutes drive from Post-Plaza. Tip: visit Stavoren, Workum and Hindeloopen together, these cities are close to each other.
  • The city of Workum is in the southwest corner of Friesland and is one of the oldest cities in the province. Workum has had city status since 1399 and is one of the Frisian eleven cities. A dug waterway, the Wymerts, linked the harbour with the Frisian inland lakes. From Post-Plaza it is about 35 minutes drive to Workum.
  • Sloten; welcome to the smallest of the eleven cities. This lovely city of fewer than 760 residents is located on the Slotermeer, in the municipality of De Fryske Marren. In earlier times, the city was of enormous strategic importance due to its location on a major waterway from Sneek to the Zuiderzee. Sloten is about 45 minutes drive from Post-Plaza.
  • IJlst is located in Southwest Friesland and is primarily known as an overnight base for water sports. IJlst is a small city in Southwest Friesland with about 3,200 residents. It’s also been one of the Frisian eleven cities since 1268. The city was always known for its shipbuilding and trading position. The city thanks its name to a river that used to run through IJlst, the old Ee. IJlst is located on a 35 minute drive from Post-Plaza. Tip: visit IJlst, Sneek and Bolsward together.
  • With over 10,000 residents, Bolsward has traditionally been one of the Frisian eleven cities. It’s in the municipality of Southwest Friesland and is located on three terps. The oldest of these dates from ancient times. From Post-Plaza it is about 30 minutes drive to Bolsward.

Sailing, cycling, walking and driving; the 11 cities can be visited in different ways. Look here for the eleven city routes and discover Friesland!

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